1) Buyer, issue his full ICPO with Financial Capability Letter or Bank RWA, sends it to the Seller.

 2) Seller issues Full Corporate Offer to Buyer for analysis, Signature, seal and stamp.

 3) Buyer returns to Seller by e-mail the signed and sealed Full Corporate Offer (Electronic Signature will be accepted).

 4) Buyer and/or Buyer’s Bank, send DRAFT TEXT (verbiage) of FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT, for the Bank of Seller, with copy for Seller, analyze and accepted or NO, the terms and conditions of the Financial instrument.

 5) Seller issues, a DRAFT CONTRACT to Buyer for analysis, Signature, seal and stamp

6) Buyer returns to Seller by e-mail the signed and sealed contract (Electronic Signature will be accepted).

 7) After Seller’s Bank, approved the Terms and Conditions of the Financial Instrument, the Buyer Bank’s, issue the Financial Instrument via SWIFT to the Seller’s Bank.

 8) The Seller, issue a “POP” via SWIFT, to Buyer’s Bank and Buyer’s Bank having received the “POP” immediately activates the Financial Instrument

9) Seller starts shipping within 30 days after having received Financial Instrument, activated.

10) Once the Ship is loaded and ready to sail, the Seller send all documents, as stated and agreed in the “CONTRACT” for Buyer and his Bank, the payment for Seller’s Bank must be released within three (03) days from receipt of above mentioned documents.

11) The company assumes all shipping cost, insurance and guarantee (CIF) until the vessel reaches the Buyer’s destination Port.

12) All additional costs are on the Buyer’s account.



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